Dr. Sifat Momen is currently working as an Assistant Professor within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at North South University. Dr. Momen received his PhD in Computer Science from The University of Sheffield, UK. His PhD thesis (entitled “Design and modelling of decentralised task allocation mechanisms in groups of mobile agents”) was in the area of multi-agent and multi-robot systems with particular emphasis in designing effective task allocation mechanisms in groups of mobile agents. His PhD work was at the interface of biology and engineering and was strongly inspired by the behavior of social insects (e.g. ants and bees) that are well-known to exhibit extraordinary examples of self-organizing behavior. He was involved as an RA (Research Associate) within the ANTLab of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol, UK. Prior to his PhD, he completed MSc in Electronics and Information Technology from Sheffield Hallam University, UK in which he was awarded a distinction. After his MSc, he was involved within the Microsystems and Machine Vision Laboratory (now Known as Mobile Machine and Vision Laboratory) for some time wherein he carried out research work related to modelling and simulation of natural systems. His prime research interests is in the area of Artificial Intelligence – particularly that of machine learning, modelling and simulation of natural systems, swarm intelligence, swarm robotics and artificial life.